Cyber Monday –Travelers, Are you Ready??

We wait for it each year—the turkey, the gravy, the mashed potatoes, the pumpkin pie… and, of course, ridiculous travel deals!

The Monday after Thanksgiving has been aptly named Cyber Monday–a day when companies offer their best deals to entice online shopping. While we promote shopping local, when it comes to securing a travel deal—this is THE BEST time to spread your wings. It is now the biggest online shopping day of the year worldwide, and as the date approaches we suggest that you prepare yourself!

Where have you been dying to travel?? Chances are that a flight/hotel/rental car for that destination will be at its lowest on Monday.


Get ready! In 2018 Cyber Monday will take place on November 26.

How to prepare? Consider dates that you’d like to travel and throw around ideas for a few dream destinations. Go into it with an open mind and when the big day comes, we like to jump on the destination(s) that are cheapest. This part is the easiest for us—we want to go EVERYWHERE. Of course, keep in mind the local areas that you may travel to, and consider the expenses of room and board. Is one location much cheaper or has a better conversion rate for your country’s currency?

To provide a little deal inspiration, below we have shared just a few examples of trips that we, and a few of our best friends, have secured via Cyber Monday. Keep in mind that for each deal we have included the costly taxes and bag fees.

Los Angeles to Heathrow Airport, London – $480 

This may not sound thaaattt great, right?! Keep in mind that this was non-stop on our most favorite airline, Air New Zealand.

Travel Tip: If you have not experienced the joys of Air NZ–check them out. They offer ridiculous Cyber Monday deals directly through their website, and even the coach seats are plush and include an array of movies to select from, delicious food and unlimited beverages (and yes, yummy NZ wines!). 

As you may know, London, is an ideal spot to jump start any European Adventure. After arriving to London we took a quick and very inexpensive hopper flight to Ireland to catch the St. Patty’s Day Celebration!


The following year, our dear friends, Rubi and Justin, jumped on the same Air New Zealand deal. For >$500 they kick started their London, Paris, and Italy adventure!


ACS_0260 (1)ACS_0259 (2)

Travel Tip: Once in Europe, hopper flights are super inexpensive. For $50 or less you can fly between endless locations. See: RyanAir –PS, we just noticed that their holiday deals are starting early; $5 for some European flights!

Los Angeles to Rome – $450

Another pair of our best friends, Zack and Megan, knew they wanted to tie the knot but decided that an extravagant wedding may be overwhelming. Never fear—Cyber Monday is here! They took advantage of a crazy flight deal, and surprised us with an elopement along the shores of Sicily.

Los Angeles to Bangkok, Thailand –$440

Our brother, sister-in-law, and niece, have now been to Thailand–wait for it— three times! Two times they’ve secured the cheapest flights via Cyber Monday.

PS–how cute is our niece??!


Travel Tip: If your little is under two, they will likely fly free (on your lap)! Our family took advantage of this and when our niece was one, they flew the whole family to Thailand (from LA) for >$1,000. With an ipad, books and snacks all set, she had a great time and reveled in the quality time and beach life.

San Diego to Kona, Hawaii – $330

Our timeshare was booked but we were concerned that flights to Hawaii are SOO pricey. Then came Cyber Monday….


As we had been gifted the timeshare as a wedding gift, our entire trip cost us less than $1,000! The key–our timeshare had a full kitchen so we cooked almost all our meals at home.

Think Outside the Box

On this momentous day, be sure not to limit yourselves to only flights. Cyber Monday can be a great time to secure the best discounts on hotels, rental cars or a vacation package. It’s also the ideal time to stock up on essential travel gear. This Cyber Monday, we are on the hunt for awesome and inexpensive luggage for our upcoming SE Asia trek!

Have you ever secured a Cyber Monday travel deal? What has been your experience? We’d love to know– please share in the comments below….

Hugs and Acorns,



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