About Us

So you’re likely wondering– why ‘Squirrel Must Travel’??

Evan started calling me his ‘Baby Squirrel’ not long after meeting. The nickname started on our third date– a road trip from San Diego to Denver, Colorado (36-hours in total).  He was perplexed by how I slowly nibbled on snacks, looked quickly from side-to-side and buried away found treasures. For a million more reasons, which we’ll detail here, the name is spot on.  Mix this with a feverish desire to travel, and there you go–Squirrel MUST Travel!

We live for adventure and am happiest when we’re free on the open road. As 80’s babies you can imagine us with the windows down, driving through the mountains, belting out Tom Petty’s ‘Free Fallin‘ in Jerry Maguire fashion. That pretty much sums us up! We both have full time jobs that we thoroughly enjoy, nonetheless, we are weekend warriors constantly seeking out new adventures.  We hope that you will join in our travels, and maybe, just MAYBE, you too will want to break free for a little while.

Mt. Woodson


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