Adventure with us into the Waipaio Valley, Hawaii

Follow our travels to the Northwest shore of the Big Island, as we traverse rivers to waterfalls! From the Waipio Valley Lookout parking spot, we started a gnarly hike straight down for one mile (25% grade!) into a wonderland. We crossed 5 rivers and dunked into waterfalls, leading to the most gorgeous hidden beach. If you visit–hopefully you can get closer to other falls; with the pending hurricane our access was limited.

Swim with Manta Rays–in the DARK! 

This may have been our coolest experience to date. During our stay in Hawaii, we opted to snorkel with My Kona Adventures, and they did not disappoint. In fact, if you visit the Big Island, not only is this a must do–but you MUST do it with this tour company. We found that other company’s host very large groups, whereas ‘My Kona’ limits their tours to 6 people. It was intimate and personal.

Our only advice–scream your lungs out, the noise actually attracts the Manta’s and they WILL get up close and personal! I you are lucky they will do sycronized flips before you. In this video, watch out for Lefty, he injured his mandable in a net some years ago. He’s a common visitor to the feeding ground around the Sheraton in Kona, Hawaii.

Snorkeled on the Big Island? Join us!

Hawaii is unbelievably unique, and when you visit you won’t find yourself relaxing in the sand. Most shorelines are covered in volcanic rock, which makes for the most incredible snorkeling! Our favorite part–swimming with turtles…

A GREEN Sand Beach?! Only in Hawaii

Welcome to the Green Sands Beach–located at the southern most tip of the United States in  the Big Island of Hawaii. Join us as we trek along the coast , traipsing over volcanic rock to reach only one of four green sand beaches–in the world!

Once you arrive to the beach, it’s harder than it looks to delve into the crashing waves, but absolutely worth it! Hike 3 miles back to your car, or, for a $10 fee, a kind local will give you a lift back. Tip–sit as far to the back of the truck as possible, or you will be COVERED in dirt! Mahalo!

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